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We produce a wide variety of vessels

Welding is what we do..

All vessels are handmade in our workshop to meet the highest quality standards.

We make vessels for: 

Filters | Drinking Water | Oxygen | Hydrogen | Nitrogen | Ammonia | Oil/gas separator | Fuel | Air

Our most used materials: 

Carbon Steel | Stainless | Duplex | Aluminium

*Other material qualities by request


One of our bigger vessels

Nitrogen receiver

24m³ | Carbon steel | Ø2000


316L | Volume tanks | 0-50 Bar


316L Nozzles

Welded by hand

Sand filter for fresh water

One of our bigger projects

Stainless | 23m³ | Ø3200



10m³ | DUPLEX | 40 Bar

Carbon steel | Filter units | 20L | 16 Bar

1 plasma.jpg

For precision cutting, we use our CNC Plasma cutting board

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